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Five Ways A Professional Video Production Company Can Help You Create The Perfect Commercial For Your Business

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When having a commercial created to advertise your business, it is important to hire a professional company to handle the production of your commercial for you. A professional video production service will know what it takes to ensure that the commercial turns out exactly how you want it to turn out. The guide below walks you through a few of the benefits that come from having professionals create your commercial for you.    Proper Time Management Commercials can only be so long and knowing how to get the most information into the commercial as you possibly can is important. The video production company will have experience making the most of the limited time that is available to you. They may be able to offer suggestions for how to make the commercial advertise what you want it to advertise without wasting any of the time allotted to you. Proper Lighting When having a commercial created, it is important for everyone and everything to be as visible as it can be in the commercial. The video filming company will have their own lighting that they can use to ensure that everything looks perfect at the finished commercial. They will know how to set everything up and where to place the lights to create the exact look you want with ease. Proper Sound Next, the company will ensure that everything can easily be heard in the commercial. If you will have actors acting out a skit or need the customers to hear certain sounds in the background, the company will be able to manipulate the different sounds to ensure that the actors can easily be heard over the background noises, when the commercial is complete. Proper Staging The company will have experience with staging the set of the commercial, as well. They will let you know if there are any things that they see in the set that cannot be shown in the commercial. You often have to get permission to use certain products that are labeled in your commercial. The company will know what the restrictions are about product placement in commercials. Proper Editing Finally, the company will handle all of the editing for the commercial. They will take the time to make sure that everything can be seen and heard perfectly throughout the commercial. The professional video filming company will take care of the production of the commercial from start to finish. When everything is said and done, all you will have to do is take the finished commercial to the television stations that will be airing...

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Three Myths You Need To Know When Starting To Embroider

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Especially with the explosion of craft oriented websites like Etsy and Pinterest, interest in embroidery as a hobby has been on the rise in recent years. Unfortunately, it’s easy to jump into this hobby without knowing the real truth behind some common myths. Here’s a look at some of the most common myths about embroidery, and the real truth behind them. Myth #1: You Need to Know How to Sew Before You Embroider While sewing and embroidery are often lumped in together as similar crafts, there’s actually very little they have in common. About the only similarity is that both crafts use needles and thread (and they even use very different types of needles and thread). In sewing, a person guides the whole process, but with embroidery, a machine guides the fabric and does the work. There’s definitely no need to know how to sew before you embroider, and there’s actually not even any real benefit to having sewing experience. Myth #2: You Should Place Your Fabric on the Hoop As Tightly As Possible Many people just starting out in embroidery want to make sure everything they do is as “neat” as possible. For some reason, this often means placing the material you plan to embroider as tightly on the hoop as you can. Unfortunately, this distorts the fabric and can easily lead to puckering once the project is done. Also, when your fabric is tightened beyond what it should, the tension makes it easy to end up with an uneven design. Make sure the fabric is tight on your hoop, but don’t tighten it as much as you can. Myth #3: You Have to Use the Brand That Matches Your Machine Especially for those starting out, it’s easy to assume that the supplies you use must match the brand of the machine you’re using. In fact, many embroidery companies include samples of their other supplies when you purchase a machine to get you started using their materials. But the truth is, almost all embroidery supplies are compatible with each other. Virtually every brand of needle and thread can be used with any brand of machine. Whether you’re looking at one brand because of price, another brand because of quality, or another because they have a unique product, don’t be afraid to try out new...

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